Bedford is a strong believer in the promotion of community revitalization, family legacies, and the education of the next generation of urban builders, real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, and community change agents.

To that end, in partnership with urban X marketing, The Bedford Group has developed TBG Academy, a promotional network of various educational and professional programs geared helping minority students and professionals enter into the world of real estate development. 

Real Estate Associate Program, Los Angeles

TBG Academy

TBG Youth Planning Academy

The Real Estate Associate Program, Los Angeles (“REAP-LA”), a ten-week Professional Development Program geared towards helping Minority Professionals and College Students gain training and access in the Commercial Real Estate Industry.

Since the launch of the REAP Los Angeles Chapter in 2010, The Bedford Group has been a Local Program Sponsor, as well as have had members of its staff participate as Program Instructors and Mentors.

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TBG’s Youth Planning Academy (“The YPA”): A youth development and educational program geared towards exposing and teaching high school students the fundamentals of the Urban Planning and Real Estate Development Processes.

The goal of The YPA is to not only expose urban youth to the variety of career opportunities in the Real Estate Development, Construction, Architecture, Urban Planning, and Financial Industries; but to also help develop their leadership skills, inspire their entrepreneurial spirits, increase their interests in civic engagement, and educate them on some of their generational responsibilities.

 Bedford first YPA Class is
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