For over twenty years, The Bedford Group has specialized in revitalizing urban landscapes. As one of Los Angeles’ most active urban infill development firms, Bedford has developed a reputation as a builder of uncompromising quality and style. The company’s flexibility in the marketplace has allowed it to develop in accordance with cyclical real estate markets. Whether building exclusive custom estates, affordable housing communities, market rate townhomes, luxury condominiums or mixed-use projects, The Bedford Group is committed to providing attractive properties with lasting value.

Building Urban Opportunities

Since its inception, The Bedford Group has been an integral part of urban development throughout Southern California. Rich in the firm’s history has been an unwavering commitment to reshaping communities.

Its attention to detail, commitment to excellence and action, and sincere dedication to the housing needs of urban enclaves demonstrate the core values of the firm.

The Bedford Group’s goal is to redefine the concept of urban living by developing properties with advantageous locations, unique designs, quality construction techniques, and personalized finishes. Bedford is an urban innovator and a community visionary.

The Bedford Group sees opportunities where others see obstacles.

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