• Market Analysis
  • Refining the Design Concepts
  • Creation of Operating Proforma 

PHASE 2: Financial Feasibility

PHASE 4: Project Construction

  • Implementation of Marketing Plan
  • Comply with MBE/FBE Requirements
  • Completion of Field Engineering 

Over the course of your development project, Bedford can help to manage each component of the Project Management process from Land Acquisition, Market Analysis, Project Feasibility, Financing, Construction, Outreach, Operations and/or Sales.  

Our years of experience, coupled with our strong business acumen and deal-oriented corporate culture, enables us to step seamlessly into complex real estate situations that require a change of development leadership with the least disruption possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen, to evaluate potential constraints, and to provide creative and realistic solutions to the array of development challenges.

Clients turn to Bedford for our industry knowledge, ingenuity, and experience in managing risk and regulatory challenges, enhancing operations, increasing value, and improving performance. We can help you optimize your investment, reduce your risk, and maximize your financing opportunities.  Through our comprehensive Development Management Consulting Program, we work closely with you to fill the voids in your organization. .

CALL US TODAY at 310-568-8500 to learn more about our Development Management Services and the six (6) phases of Bedford’s Urban Infill Development Program:

    -Project Concept
    -Financial Feasibility
    -Project Financing
    -Project Construction
    -Marketing & Disposition: Sales or Lease

    -Community Relations/Outreach

PHASE 6: Community Relations



  • Attend and Present at Neighborhood and Community Meetings
  • Develop and Facilitate Project Focus
  • Specific Use of the Designated Site
  • Identification of the Market
  • Creation of the Development Team 
  • Raise Equity
  • Finalization of Working Drawings
  • Arrangement of Financing 
  • Development of Project Logo, Brand, Website, & Collateral Materials
  • Close all Sales and Leases Strategies

Development Management Consulting Services



PHASE 1: Project Concept


PHASE 3: Project Financing

PHASE 5: Marketing/Disposition